portrait of a failed artist

I’m wise; a yogi.

I understand so much more in this realm than you ever could, kiddo.

It all comes in waves, perspective is so valuable. Ride the highs, survive the lows, and bury yourself alive in your torment.

I’m a musician, an artist above all. The pains of my middle class upbringing and general heartbreak have inspired something transcendent in me.

I have so much to say about it, hadn’t you heard?

Oh, you hadn’t?

Well, here…read my poems…read my stories…read every worthless word I’ve set to paper. Just don’t expect me to feel anything.

Not for you, no….never.

Lay a little icing on my ego cake; extra thick. Tell me I’m talented. Tell me I’m a poet. Tell me you adore me.

Just…don’t expect anything in return.